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LS Bilodeau's evaporator Sweet, glass door small maple sap boiler, evaporator door ls bilodeau, mini maple sap boiler

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1½'x46" Evaporators

All 18"x46" evaporators

All models of maple sap boilers - evaporators with equivalent size, all models.

LS Bilodeau's evaporator Sweet, small maple sap boiler, mini evaporator ls bilodeau, mini maple sap boiler

Sweet Evaporators kits

Economical boilers for small maple syrup production

Price Product Length Width Approx. Overall Width Approx. Overall Width For n. taps Rear Pan Front Pan Included Firebox Interconnections and exit Kit How Water Pan Section Ashtray Fire insulation Chimney Kit included Included door Detect-o : Water level alarm Airtight combustion chamber Automatic Modulating Drawoff
18x46 Sweet - Base kit 3'10" 1'6" 4'5.125" 1'8.75" 75 and less Universal Ridged pan and float for sweet 18x46 1 x Flat Pan For Sweet 18x46 18x46 Sweet Frame (alone)-Galv. Kit : Transfers, valves and outlet spout - Sweet Replacement Plate Instead of Hot Water Pan 24in NONE> Insulation Kit for 18x46 SWEET 7" black steel pipe
90° - 7" Black Elbow
7" Chimney Peak (cap)
Galvanized steele (standard) No No No